Regarding..Sleeping on your side is bad, as it both bends your spine and curves your shoulders inward. Sleep as straight as possible.

I have spent my whole life sleeping on my side. Either one. I toss from one side to the other the whole night depending how much my shoulders hurt. doesnt matter. Cant sleep on my back. I will admit my shoulders give me hell but if I I tried to sleep on my back I feel like I am choking (always have done).

I agree with being in 1 position too long, standing or sitting. So very bad for us.

Dx 2006 Sleep apnoea
Depression- Major
2010 Cervical Spondylosis
Typhoid Fever & Salmonella
2011 Sponylosis- Lumbosacral
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Plantar Fasiitis (Bilateral)
Carpul tunnel
Rheumatoid Arthritis