I had the PSO surgery January 2011. Previous surgerys: laminectomy lower spine: 2001 & lumbar 2007. Was diagnosed with osteoporosis in about 2000. On calcium supp: Fosomax not until about 2005? I was almost looking at the ground when I stood, extremely painful when standing because was always trying to stand straight. Saw surgeon at least 3 times in a year before the surgery. I was 73 at the time I think he was trying to see how active a person I was as opposed to sitting on my sofa and feeling sorry for my self. I did feel sorry for my self!. But continued to go to Senior Center, play Mah Jong -weekly, and monthly: bunco & garden club. However have done no gardening. Flew to Mo. for a wedding. Walked with a cane. Counldn't believe it was happening to me! Surgery Jan 7, healing fine, walking w/cane in the beginning,released to drive mid April.2 wks later fell off a patio w/out sides over 1 foot and broke my hip. People are yelling Broken hip broken hip you could hear the noise of the break, a spiral fracture it's called. Saw my back doctor today and I'm doing fine from the PSO surgery, except the very top rod right side is tipped forward a bit the dr said I have soft bones, it may have happened when I fell but didn't have back xrays when I fell. Back is good, I'm walking w/cane because of hip, another dr visit for hip in another month. The PSO surgery is AMAZING AS FAR as I'm concerned. laugh laugh Good Luck to all.