But Alan, the hat is cool! This hat is totally *in* right now! There is no comprehending fashion trends but trust me - next thing you know, Es will be wanting to permanently 'borrow' it from you. Honest!! (Besides, I did not have a pic of your hair at the appropriate angle..lol)

I did NOT ghoosh you off your snowshoes..! laugh2 I was ahead of you and breaking trail (apparently not well)- so not my fault! I blame the snowdrift. That scared the living daylights out of me, but turns out you are 'tUff'. You did get the rare good fortune of seeing 2 black bears in the wild... not many Englishmen can say that, I bet! smile It was a delight having you visit - you should come back! Supposed to be nice and snowy this winter? help! lol.