yeah, I got that impression heh. I didnt think the whole responsible & serious thing quite fit the posts I have read for Alan, but thats ok. Lightheartedness is a good thing. I am actually from England, born there and I live with my Dad who is an englishman, so I get the humour wink . Makes me feel at home here hehe.

Anyway, you should do open house for the shed/icehouse with panoramic views. Just make sure whoever is in there at the time is dressed, nightcap at least! No spandex or speedos!!

Oh.. I have baggage but not many bags (I just dont get the having a million purses/handbags/shoes thing... Guess I missed out on the whole girly girl gene. Me? I grew up reading comic books and playing in my dad's workshop.. although I did learn the danger's of chisels when I tried to use one once and slipped shocked , good thing I took first aid 'cause it was the first time I got to use 'Direct Pressure' on a wound hehe.

ok, back to work frown

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fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, spastic colon, osteoarthritis - knees, carpal tunnel, planter's fasciitis, migraines - I think thats more than enough eh?