Hey, Tim:


How does this happen, what is driving all these costs? Are we that unhealthy as a country or is it red tape or profits lining pockets of large corporations.

Doctors are not the greedy ones.
Insurance companies are in business to make profits, but they cannot begin to approach the massive and obscene profits of a company like Exxon in a good year (usually bad year for drivers).
Pharmaceutical companies spend way too much to meet governmental regulations, so out of necessity they have to be a little greedy.
HOWEVER the real greed that causes medical costs to skyrocket in the US is LAWYERS.

What is the president? Oh, yeah he and nearly all the crooks in Washington D.C. are lawyers and they NEVER talk about "tort reform." Never suggest putting themselves out of business.

Malpractice insurance should be outlawed. Go to the doctor at your own risk, just like we who have AS do but WE always get the wrong answer, yet still suffer the consequences because the doctors don't do obvious things that result in actual death. It may not be the physicians' fault that they don't know how to treat AS, but we cannot take advantage of their malpractice insurance because current medical practice is far behind the science.

Well, WE decided to go to the doctor in the first place--so getting worse by them is our own fault and we are just smelly stuff-out-of-luck that damages cannot be affixed or assessed.

The only conspiracy is squarely on the lawyers; they have fixed the system to their own advantage and are now addicted to it.

It takes a lot of suits to keep a lawyer well-dressed,