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Just so the waters don't remain muddied...


What's going to make the waters muddied here, is if I let you guys turn my statement saying that the HC industry has huge profits, into an comparison about which industry makes the most money. That is NOT what I said, and what I promised to provide evidence of.

Turning this into an attack of our entertainment industry, for example, as evidence of why our country's health care should not be fixed, is a diversionary tactic, I expect better of anyone here on this thread.

it's also self-reflexive, one of biggest sources of revenue for the television industry is the endless advertising from pharmaceutical companies, "side effects may include..."

Lastly, I've worked for Les Moonves, at CBS, I did it by choice, and I'm proud of the work I've done there.

It was not political in nature, unlike Fox News. The shows were not "valueless, morally bankrupt garbage"

So please get back on track.