II would love to see some serious Tax reforms and a true pay as you go plan implemented as the democrats have proposed and the republicans opposed.

We need to know things cost real money in this country. How many would have supported the IRAQ war had they been told the national sales tax will go up 5% to pay for it while the war is in progress? would the medicare drug plan had been passed if the income taxes were to rise by 4% to cover the new costs? Would the tax cuts have gone through if people new x y and Z program would be eliminated as part of the package.

Seems our government in the past has ignored the true costs of things and just cut taxes and implemented new programs as if they were all free. I do like that at least this new health care plan has the taxes and cuts all spelled out in it. That may be a first for the US congress over the last 40 years frankly. At least we had war bonds during WW2.

No families take so little medicine as those of doctors, except those of apothecaries.

Oliver Wendell Holmes