I'm sorry if the "bashing" tone has come from me at all, I don't want that tone to be here. If it has, I am a very sarcastic person and I use it to explain things too often.

I love it, I'm sarcastic too but it was a rhetorical type thing, I only read the opening statement of this thread...not the 23 pages that followed....and don't worry, you were def. not sacastic...yes, we are probably are talking about diff. aspects of it....and I find that each angle of the healthcare quest frustrates me as much as all others...I'm appalled by the fact that my Dad served this fine country during Vietnam and the only courtesy extended to him at the VA Hospital is that they put a chair under him and the other 5 men in the shower before they hosed them down...okay, that's not quite the topic but it felt good to throw it in anyway....now his healthcare...repeated infections because they don't clean or replace his catheters often enough and a crappy diet and a whole Pandora's Box full of other issues...

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