Here's where we get to the "I don't understand" portion once again. We don't have government run health care. Our Prime Minister doesn't pick up a scalpel and operate. There are no MP's jumping in as presidents of hospitals or becomimg GP's. No interference to the system. Who in government would think for a second that they would know the first thing about running health care? They simply pay the people who do the job best. I could go to 1000 doctors who give me 1000 opinions if I want 1000 opinions. I would bet most of them are passionate doctors (who are rich in Canada as well) who care about doing their best job and have all the resources they would ever need to do the job. From what I have seen, is high quality care from some of the best specialists who care deeply about their profession. I think that "government run" may be just another scare tactic from some conservative nay sayers and fear of the unknown.

I don't understand- I guess this leads me to the question: what would the difference be between health insurance and free health care?

I'd like to finish this with this: Considering my last 2 years, if I were in a country that did not offer me free health care, I'd be completely and utterly messed right now (either financially or health wise)! That is another reason why I pay close attention to this issue.

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