There is strong opposition because the US is a very very divided country. Almost to the point of being ungovernable in my opinion. The extreme position, with no compromise possible, on both sides will destroy what they are trying to save in the long.

there is no decision on a plan but there is a strong majority on a general direction. 61% in a presidential election is considered a landslide victory in this country.

The last few years large minorities have been ignored by both sides in all kinds of issues. Healthcare will be no different in the long one. There will be a large chunk of very disappointed people on the losing side. That is what this country has become with all the polarizing radio and politically personallities lately. it is quite sad.

BTW you will notice I said a public option is favored not a specific plan that you tried to pin to the post. I never referred to any specific plan nor did the poll in any way.

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