I know this probly doesn't fit it here and I might have already posted it so forgive me if I have but I would like to say that the insurance status of Cobra that the house, senate, congress, or the President allowed all but save my families butt.

When Bill lost his job in september of this year we had to go on Cobra, we had been paying about $650.00 a month for sucky insurance $5000.00 deductible, $15,000 family deductible BUT we were thankful to have it given my families health history's.

We were told Cobra was going to be $925.00 a month for 4 months until Bill's new job insurance kicked in. $925.00 a month with no job was not an option we HAD to take the Cobra or we would miss the 90 day window gap for all of our pre-existing conditions to be covered.

Could not believe it when we were told that because of the stimulas package or help to people that get laid off that the government would pay 65% of our Cobra. Our part would be $325.00 a month. I wish somehow we could stay with the Cobra the full 18 months. When we qualify in 1/1/10 for Bill's new job insurance we will now be paying $800.00 a month for a $2500.00 deductible and because the company he works for has less than 200 employees.

We have no choice we HAVE to have insurance. Im just not sure how to pay the $800.00 a month insurance and then the rest of our bills. We already spend a minimum of $500.00 a month on meds and that is probly the low side, so that is at LEAST $1300.00 a month for a middle income family. If we made $100,000 a year might not be so bad but we don't. Right now I am just trying not to think about january, Im just trying to be grateful that my husband has a job when so many others out there don't.


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