But anything has to be better than what we have now, which for me is no insurance at all thanks to our wonderful disease -- no one will cover me and I don't qualify for Medicaid, so I definitely need help.

Hey Pete,

That makes it personal, and a personal argument wins me most of the time. I have to ask myself, "is there some way I can help Pete?" The answer is, unfortunately, no. I can only hope that our often times less than gifted gov officials will produce a piece of legislation that won't bankrupt our country and/or me. We are already spending way too much money on way to many things the Gov. should not be involved in, so this could, in fact, be the load of bricks that breaks the camel's back.


PS, thanks for the Thanks Pete, but I couldn't serve in the armed forces. I volunteered for the Navy and Air force, and then went to the army when drafted, but none of them would have me. Something about having a bad back. Heheh

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