Good Morning Timo

As I have said before I am also on COBRA. Carry on the insurance from my last employer. For Carol and I, we pay $630/mo. This is for hospital, medical, and prescription meds only. And with that there is a $20 copay at every doctor appointment, and a copay on meds that must be purchased in 90 day quantities from the insurance company's pharmacy. This runs from $20-$100 depending on the med and whether a generic is available. COBRA is a limited time coverage to fill a gap between becoming unemployed/uninsured and finding a new insurance carrier.

There seems to be a misconception, even among others in the US that Medicaid is a free pass for everyone to get healthcare. Not True! In my own case, Carol works a part time job for minimum wage. Her employer does offer insurance that is so poor that he doesn't carry it himself. This will cost her approx. $325/month once the COBRA runs out. She cannot receive Medicaid because she makes "too much money". I cannot go on her employer's insurance due to the AS. So my choices are to find a private carrier that will accept me with AS, an impossible task. Or go to Medicaid. If I go with the Medicaid, because of Carol's income I will have an approx. $350/month "Spend Down". In other words every month, the first $350 comes out of my pocket. Also Enbrel is not covered, which isn't a big deal since my rheumatologist does not accept Medicaid. So once COBRA has ran its course I wind up paying more money for much less coverage than I currently have. There are other state run options for low income households but they cost even more than this.

I would whole heartedly support a government based insurance plan if they could pull it off. And even pay another $60 to extend that coverage as yo have. The problem here is that our leaders, regardless of party lines, are in bed with big insurance, and big business. So they aren't going to slap the hands of the people that put them in office. So we get a social insurance that benefits the insurance companies and healthcare companies, not the public at large.

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