Hi Anna,

I agree with you 100% and that is a reason I really, really want people to have an advocate for them especially with older people because they are the ones who get lost in the cracks.

When my Mom was in the hospital for 13 days before she died I had countless confrontations with nurse, therapists even some of the Drs. she had surgery for a broken hip, she had a broken shoulder and we think she suffered a small stroke during surgery and so she didn't know who she was or who we were.

After surgery the physical therapists would come in and say we are going to sit her up, I was like..like crap you are she doesnt even know who she is or where she is at. The dumb lunch lady would bring the lunch menu for her to fill out then would gripe when it wasn't filled out..I was like HELLOOOOO she has no idea where or who she is. I told the nurses do NOT let that woman back in her room or I am going to punch her lights out.

The nurses would come in and try to pull her up by her shoulder HELLOOOO it is broken!!! I said when you come on shift do you not check on your patients and see what is going on with them, their response was we don't have time to go thru every patients file and look at everything, I was like you have got to be kidding me.

After surgery they put her in a regular room, I fought to have her put in ICU and by the next day she was in there.

I have no doubt if me and my Dad had not been there for her she would have died sooner than she did.

The way the hospitals are being ran and the turnover and now they have like the CNN'S and LPN'S do all the grunt work and you hardly see an actual nurse, you push the button and sometimes 30 minutes later I would have to call back and say HELLOOOOO

I am afraid for all of us and our parents and children with the way things are ran today. If you are a patient or have a loved one please make sure they have someone that is there pretty much all the time or take shifts.

I know I got off topic but hey..lol


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