Pete, I'll send you a PM as I agree that we are straying.


Why not do a direct comparison of the all the different ways other countries handle these problems?

You mean benchmarking? You bring up a great point and one I've never heard anyone from government bring up. We did an very informal solicitation of healthcare systems in other countries on another health related site that I peruse. We had folks from England, Australia, France, and Canada respond. Out of all the summations of the different systems I heard, Australia sounded most attractive. Either way, I agree, we should be benchmarking the healthcare systems of all developed nations and maybe a few developing/emerging market countries.

However, I'm of the opinion that any administration (read either failing party) is not for giving the American people appropriate healthcare reform. They have to many dollars to lose from lobbyists. Also, should something get passed, it would not surprise me in the least that individuals will be taxed for not having insurance. Uncle Sam is always looking to increase their top line numbers.

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