Wow - Hiiiiiiii guys!!! This is quite the party you have going on here!

Pretty sure I've never had this many YouTube tabs open all at once Love the The Original Gratitude dance silly canucks....!

Rats, I forgot to buy wine and can't stay long but just wanted to say hey. *HEY*

Ahhhhaaa so Dow and Marsha are hitched I see - gee, that's a fun scoop to be in on! Loved your wedding video btw!

errr... um... I am not a cook so only brought along a few dozen boxes of Timmy's donuts for the crowd. mmmm yum, but sorry are non-nsd treats so please be careful which plate you glomp from!

Oh and WELCOME back Possi (if you peek in) - you were missed for the full 13 mins - good to have you back.