I was just up in the mountains this weekend sledding with my daughter. On several of the runs, as I smashed into one of the moguls, I remember thinking: "If I were not on the diet, that one would have snapped my spine."

I don't do anything special anymore except avoid starches. I keep dairy to whole milk yogurt only, drink no sodas, eat no candy except chocolate (primarily dark chocolate.)

I do consume a lot of fruit and have never had difficulty with them. I love all sorts of dried fruit, and daily eat from my own fruit-and-nut mixture. Being slender by nature, I lean towards high-energy foods.

I lift weights, do yoga, backpack, kayak, all without hinderance from my AS. I'm about as lucky as a guy who's had a second chance at life can be.

Yes, I still have AS: I was a guest at a dinner party where the meal was a bit starchy and woke up to a small flare.

The great thing about the diet for me is that it requires no willpower; I just will not go back to a life in pain.

Best of luck,