My mornings were hell. It took me about 20-45 minutes of lying there stiff like a board just to prepare myself for a thrust upward into a pool of pain. I had trouble getting up stairs. Walking to the can only 30 feet away was a journey. I have been dealing with this pain for a few years in total denial."It's just a stiff back" I couldn't turn my neck. lane changes were not that fun. I got sandals because tying my shoes .....I got sandals. Droping stuff in the mornings became a joke because I would laugh and say "That's the way she goes, I'll get it later." I have a dog so I walked no matter how bad I felt. I found this site and almost laughed at the Idea that starch was contributing to the way I felt. I was in so much pain that I gave it a shot. I went 3 weeks, My mood swings were not that pretty. It was tough, I was hungy and grumpy. Wow what a combo. I ate some perogies, bread, and other things that night. I was hit with a huge flare up. After that I stopped eating Starch in a very strict manner. I use Iodine. When it turns black I won't touch it. orange is alright. I was in so much pain a while ago. I was really depressed. I had to leave my job. Now things are looking up. I feel way less pain. It's always there but I can get up when I want and walk when I want. Some days are still a little tough but not close to what I was going through before. I also do physio everyday and have dropped the anti-inflammitories. I can't say that this will work for all. Everyone's so different. I have to thank all the people here for the great info. The Starch cravings are gone and I lost 40 lbs which helped with my hips, spine, neck and ankles. By the way I love pizza, Bread, Potatoes, etc. If you love something sometimes you gotta set it free. There are some other good alternatives on this site though. WOOT!!!!WOOT!!!

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I have too add to my NSD story, It's been working for me but people should be very careful about this diet. I think We're all really different and It takes a while to taylor a diet that will work for you. I might suggest starting with the Low Starch Diet and see how you feel. Also consulting a nutritionist might help. Take it slow. There is tons of info here. Read as much as you can before starting a NSD. When I hear of people having trouble with blood sugar and passing out ,that's just Is not cool and very scary. Anyways, all the best to all of you and good luck.


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