80 % success. Almost there.

In high school, cycling was my passion. However, I would often get sick before every ride, no matter the importance. When I was in my early 20s I had to quit cycling because of my stomach and my left knee, which started to hurt. The doctor said that I had worn it out, I couldn't believe it. I then started working out at the gym, but everytime I went my stomach would get upset, somtimes in the middle of a workout.
When I was 24 I moved to Korea and fell in love with the spicy food. A few years later my stomach decided that it had had enough and was rejecting almost everything I ate. I lost over 20 pounds to the toilet in just over a month. I couldn't go out without having to run to the toilet. It was affecting my work and every aspect of my life. I went to about 10 doctors and they all said it was stress. The most stress I had was from the doctors. I had a camera down the throat, had terrible chinese medicine, and even electrical therepy, but nothing worked. I decided to stop eating spicy food and focused on bland food; tuna sandwiches every day. I ate a ton of bread and rice. My stomach only got worse. Eventually I decided not to eat very much and my stomach started to get better, but I still had frequent bouts of IBS.
When I was 30, back pain started to kick in. I could only sleep for a few hours then I would wake up in severe pain. It took me forever to put on my socks. Eventually this would subside and then come back again. Other joints would also hurt. Carrying grocery bags was too difficult, let alone working out. I went to many doctors, but got no answers. Then one day I had a cramp in my butt. I told a doctor about this and she ran some tests. Low and behold, I had AS and RA. I was actually relieved; I knew what was wrong with me. She put me on Sulf and Celebrex and told me to exercise. I stared swimming and took the pills religously. The doctor then told me that I should find some way to get off the medicine, as they are only a temporary soloution. They were starting not to work anyway, and swimming was only giving me back pain.
That was when I discovered this site. I decided to go LSD and I found that my pain and stomach problems were greatly reduced. About two months in, I did the apple diet. After that I felt amazing, but still had some pain. At this time I stopped taking my meds and discovered I didn't need them. At times my stomach would flare up, so I decided to go NSD, and dairy free. To help my stomach heal, I quit eating disaccharides and drinking. I still have an occassional beer, cofffee, ice cream, piece of cheese, or piece of dark chocolate, and I do fry up bacon and eggs almost every morning. Other than that, I adhere to the diet strictly.
I am also supplementing. I take clacium, multi-minerals, multi-vitamins, L-glutamine and probiotics (all liquids or gel caps). However, I am not consistant. I may go days without one or another. I am also on steroids. I was going through the day with no energy and thought I would have to come off the diet. The doctor said that it was because of my out-of-wack prostate, not the AS, but that the steroids would help with the energy and the AS in the long run. The steroids and supplements are all starch free. She also said there is someting wrong with my liver, but it is not serious at this point. The reason I am not religious with the supplements is because I don't want to tax my liver or kidneys. I also have allergies to a million different things, which the doctor said is related to the AS. I am contemplating immuno therepy, but I am worried the monthly shots for 3 three years will trigger my AS.
Currently, because of the diet, I have very little pain. Once in a while my back will get tired or my foot will ache. My most common enemy is itchy, sore eyes and other effects from allergies. I almost never have a bad stomach now, although it is not perfect. Before the diet I would get headaches 2 or three times a week. Now I get them maybe 5 times a year, and it is usally because of a cold or I cheated on the diet. I am going to the gym 3 time a week. I started 2 months ago and was doing very little weight. Now, however, I am starting to lift heavy weights. The best thing is that I am feeling great. After I work out I feel wonderful. I am not sore at all. I am still not doing stomach exercises for fear up waking a sleeping giant, but I am planning to add them to my regiment soon.
I can't say that I am cured, but I can say that I am a million times better than I was. I am definetly heading in the direction of a cure rather than the toilet or wheelchair. While the diet is hard and sometimes depressing, the alternatives are much worse.
To those who discovered the diet and all those who promote it, I thank you. You really saved my life.

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss, Hopefully!