BEAN SPROUTS. These are the germinated shoots of mung beans, and are not starchy. Fresh bean sprouts are best, but they are sold in cans in the Chinese food section of most large supermarkets. They are loaded with important enzymes and help provide bulk to the NSD.

These can be wok-fried, boiled, or even eaten raw. Mixed with pieces of scrambled egg, paneer (a solid curd Indian “farmer’s cheese”), or tofu, the tiny sprouts cook rapidly—4-5 minutes. Curry works wonders on sprouts, also.

Raw, they are pretty good in vinegar—apple cider is best, and this can be made into ‘balsamic’ by warming with raisins, celery seeds, blackstrap molasses, tarragon, and cooking sherry. Apple sauce can be used to thicken the reduced liquid, if desired.