Ahem..... uh, John, Maggie..... what happened? The NOTtawa Sens choked again? Oh how could that be? Perhaps Daniella should reconsider fortune telling? Perhaps Ottawa would be wise to get a goalie that can actually stop a puck?

Um, oh ya, another stat worth mentioning, 4 to nothing, the number of series won by Toronto, or lost by Ottawa.

Is that YOLK in the collective Sen fan faces?

Who's afraid to come out now?

Hey, at least we still have 3 Canuck teams alive!

Oh! Hear that? That's Ottawa fans clambering aboard the be-LEAF bandwagon!


Bring on the Flyers!!


Amazing, isn't it? 32 pages on hockey......... are we passionate or what?!? History in the making. gotta love it!


Kendra and Caleigh playing construction