Wow, a tangled web we weave in the world of hockey.

Tonight is the night for the leafs. At least it better be. I'll admit they were sorta beat up last game. However, it was all for show to give the poor fans in Ottawa some semblance of hope. Imagine having your Captain looking like bimbo the clown.

Does anyone remember the song: "Bimbo, bimbo, I'm a happy birthday clown, bimbo, bimbo, I'm a happy birthday clown and I would like to say.... I wish you a happy birthday." I believe it was from the kids TV show rocketship 7. (You would have had to grow up in Toronto/Buffalo area during the 60's and 70's.)

Of course, I did enjoy the ballerina picture of Alfie.

Enjoy the game tonight.

Murray in Sarnia

PS - I enjoy watching Junior A hockey and have season tickets to the Sarnia Sting. Anyways, last night on TV, they showed the London Nights vs the Guelph Storm. In my humble opinion, it was way more exciting to watch than the two NHL games on - Montreal and Detroit. These guys were end to end hockey. London won in overtime to tie up the series 1-1.