Two incidents in consecutive games of the Habs taking dives to get calls... once they got it, the other time it cost them the game.

"Ribeiro fell to the ice in dramatic fashion Sunday night with 34 seconds remaining, drawing a whistle while the Bruins had pulled goalie Andrew Raycroft and were pressing for the tying goal.

A trainer appeared to treat Ribeiro's shoulder, but the Bruins suspect he embellished the injury and were incensed that he was grinning and exchanging taunts with Boston players from the bench afterward."

Once he got to the bench he was all grins and giggles. Acted like a little school kid that got away with something.

Alexei Kovalev claims his hand went numb and the officials blew it. Sheldon Souray said that doesn't mean you stop playing. Whatever the case, Kovalev and Souray collided in the neutral zone, allowing Glen Murray to pick up the loose puck, skate in and beat Jose Theodore for the game-winner 9:27 into the second overtime that gave the Bruins a 3-1 series lead. "There's nothing you can say about that," said Kovalev, whose right hand was wrapped in a bag of ice. "We ended up in the middle of the ice, and Sheldon ended up losing the puck." Kovalev argued in The Boston Globe that "One thing I know, they would have called it on me if I did that. It feels like (the Bruins) didn't get lucky, they got help." Souray had another take. "He (Kovalev) says he got slashed. Well, yeah, but do you stop playing? It's double overtime, (the referees) are going to let you play at that point," an upset Souray told the Toronto Star.

I watched the end of the Habs game with my brother and saw the "slash".... the commentators back in the studio even laughed at the theatrics. I think he got his just results.

I played soccer for years... I have a hard time watching soccer because of all the dives people make to draw whistles so I rarely watch. Reason I love hockey is because they are tough and play through the pain. Not the case recently with the Habs in past two games.

I do not dislike the Habs... just their recent antics.


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