Well, my last post had the Red Wings sweeping their series against Nashville. Talking about egg on my face.The series is tied 2-2 heading back into Joe Louis Arena. And the Wings looked awful. They pulled their goalie, Mannie Legace, and put CUJO in net for the third period. He hasn't played for months. Wow, what a mess.

And last night, the Habs had that goal scored with seconds left in the third period. And then overtime. They may as well get out their golf clubs. I wanted to see them win since they are Canadian.

And the Leafs - talking about decisive! We had a friend come by who is not a hockey watcher and stated "what is with that guys hair?" - talking about Daniella. I had to laugh.
Thankfully and mercifully, the Leafs can get on with round two now that pesky Ottawa is just about out of the way.

Take Care, Murray in Sarnia