You only got to see three games. Well, you might be right in your predictions. Imagine Vancouver winning the cup. Wow. I'd never hear the end of it from buddies out West.

Unfortunately or not, I'd speculate Detroit will be hard to beat. And Jersey. I'd love to see the Habs win it.

Just a tidbit of info though - My granny, rest her soul, was an original shareholder of Maple Leaf Gardens and had her shares until Steve Stavro made her sell them. She was into her 90's. She still would receive all of the Leafs stuff from the club yearly like the big calendars, etc... The leafs sent back the big huge stock certificate to her once it was cashed out. All of this memorabilia is in my brothers leafs room.

Granny told us that she didn't want to pass on until the Leafs won the cup. Well, she did a number of years back. Maybe this will be their year.

For now, Go Leafs.