Well, tonights the night for NHL Ontario fans at least - Ottawa vs the Leafs.

I was at the game as the ACC around the end of January to see Ottawa get their butts kicked. My AS was absolutely brutal and I could barely walk with the pain. But, free tickets 15 seats behind the leafs bench made everything okay. We drove the three hours to Toronto and stayed overnight. The only drawback was going bra shopping at the Eaton Centre with my wife. Walking, walking, walking. Apparently, there is a rule that everytime we are in Toronto, we need to go bra shopping (and Chinatown). Thank God for Percocets.

The fans were chanting "Alfie, Alfie" as soon as he touched the puck. And that was the game Chara who is about 6'9" tossed the leaf player around like a ragdoll. During the warmups, Domi and Chara were chatting at centre ice - there was a height difference of about ten feet and they were all smiles.

tonight - Toronto 5 Ottawa 2

Of course, Detroit will smoke Colorado this afternoon on their quest for the cup. Beware of the Wings - they are the favorite to win the cup.

Have a good day.

Murray in Sarnia

FYI - those free tickets had a face value of $197.50 each. Ouch. But I could see Pat Quinns hair.