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(note... whenever there is a party, you can expect someone from the Live Free or Die state to show up).

And it just ain't a party without the Wildcat women. My other motive for crashing is poor Maggie, she's pretty much the only relgular female participant in this sports forum. Just thought you could use some support Maggie love.


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It brings on a visual of Pat in the Saturday Night Live skits and you did not know if the individual was a guy or gal

Tim, are you really old enough to remember Pat on SNL ??? It was a pretty funny skit.


Would someone please explain what SENS means? Is it an abbreviation for Sensational? Duh what do I know?

With little to no sports knowledge you got give me a few points for tryin here eh? No?

Okie Dokie...

"The most beautiful stones have been tossed by the wind and washed by the waters and polished to brilliance by life's strongest storms."

People will forget what you say
People will forget what you do
But people will never forget, how you made them feel
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