OK... this is the 200th post on this thread, unless someone sneaks in.

This thread started on 11/23/03 when Paul threw down the gaunlet... Maggie answered it on 11/24/03 and so began history.

There have been 14 participants in this thread and fans of the Sens, Leafs, Flyers, Kings, Red Wings and Coyotes... and even had some Pats fans crash the party (note... whenever there is a party, you can expect someone from the Live Free or Die state to show up).

Top posters:
Maggie 64
Paul 52
(both would have Active Member status alone with this thread)
Doug 28
John 13

Of particular interest is the fact that the Leaf fans as of now have a 3 post advantage in this thread... the Leafs also have a 3 point lead vs Sens in the standings. Is that ironic or what???


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