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Eric Pomo July 6, 1971-November 30, 2001

Comments left by members of for Eric's Family :


You know Eric made me his friend the day you emailed me to arrange a meeting. We spoke on the phone and I was surprised about how much we had in common. Eric was really good at finding things to have in common with me. What Eric wanted was simple, he wanted to meet someone else with AS.
I am embarrassed to say that when I finally first visited Eric, I was wrapped up thinking I was somehow there to help Eric by visiting him. I thought it was a big deal. I thought that was the great purpose of it all. Now after his death, I can see it was really the other way around. Eric gave me his all every visit.

His death has been a defining moment for me personally. Despite your warnings that it was imminent, I was still surprised and caught very much off guard. His death has caused me to look at my life and everything in it with different eyes. Things I previously struggled with and kicked against have a lighter side, and an element of gratitude. He is a great example of appreciation and acceptance. When we were visiting once you came in the room to say goodbye, it was obvious how he loved you completely. His attention was totally on you. You seemed to me to be everything to him. I saw he had the ability to laugh at anything. Often at me. His ease of conversation was amazing. In everything I saw him do, he showed me how to love people.

Eric was both my peer and my new friend, but he was also my teacher, a mentor and a hero. Eric had figured out a lot of things that I still struggle with, and by example he gave me the keys to start fixing most of them. I want see people and myself the way he did. I have often wondered what role the long periods of pain played in forming his character and demeanor. How much of his time alone was spent thinking through his circumstance and putting together life's puzzle while finding his own place in it? What the pain a huge price he payed to get there? I feel fortunate he shared the things he learned with me.

The shock of loosing Eric has started to ease a little. Writing this is hard. It still hurts, and I still think of him often. I've thought a lot about why this is difficult for me. The simple answer is that Eric was my new friend. I'm learning loosing a new friend is equal to loosing an old friend. While we had little history, we had a lot of future. At least I was hoping for a lot more future. I thought someday we would show each other our art. I thought we would discuss deep stuff. I thought we would laugh a lot more. There are still a many things I want to ask him. I miss his insight.

I am grateful for the knowledge that he and I share; that we'll see each other again, that our times together aren't really over, but on hold. I'm thankful for the knowledge you both can be together again as a family for all eternity. I believe that with all my heart. I believe Eric will be my friend forever. I'm grateful for meeting him when I did. I can see now how much Eric was always giving me in quiet simple ways. He woke me up and shared everything he had with me. He showed me another way. Knowing Eric has motivated me to change my attitude and my actions, and I can't wait to thank him and tell him all about it.

At the funeral, your father encouraged us to find the other Eric's of the world. I hope I will be that lucky someday.

Deanpaul Russell
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Dear Heather,

I knew Eric only from his posts on, but even from that little knowledge it was clear that Eric was a remarkable man. I was able to learn more about him after some of our members had visited the two of you and wrote about your time together on our forums. With each report there was more and more evidence of an inner strength and outward humour that served to reinforce our earlier conclusions that the two of you made a very special couple.

My deepest sympathies to you and your family.

Loz Mason

Dear Heather, family and Friends of Eric

I did not have the pleasure of meeting Eric. Nor did I have a direct conversation with him on this wonderful vehicle that is now my second home.

Perhaps that only defines the enormity of his too short life. Few things in my life have affected me as much as the news of your loss. Although that sounds like hyperbole and words said merely for their own effect it is so true.

I met him I suppose by reading the one or two posts I saw here and by hearing of him when I met DeanPaul in person. His photo here holds much of what I see in my own face when I look at a photo.

I am sorry for your loss but tell you who knew him for some odd reason I, all these miles away, feel it necessary to carry some of what you told us about him with me for my time on this planet.

I believe some of us live larger lives than others. Perhaps because those folks know better how to live. The little I have learned of your Eric has touched me that way. THank you and to him for sharing something with me.

Steven P. Crowe
Millstone NJ

To Heather, and Family.

Like so many, I knew Eric only through the posts here at KickAS. But in those post his courage and humor came out.

It is really unfair that we are all drawn together by the pain of AS. Friends should enjoy a common thread. And strong friendships are formed through the pain of AS.

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Eric, I still feel as if I knew him. Because in him we can see so much of ourselves.

Thank You for sharing him with us. And allowing us to be a small part of your lives.

Chris Scott
McConnelsville, Ohio

Dear Heather,

Every once in awhile something wonderful touches you in a way that changes your life. You aren't sure just why but you know that you are a better person because of it. This happened to me when I met Eric.

I thought we were paying a visit to a very sick friend who needed our support. What I found was a wondeful person, wrapped in an aura of calm acceptance, a delightful sense of humor and an abundance of love. I'm sure he enjoyed our visit but I'm equally sure that he gave much more than he received.

I find myself thinking about him often, especially when I'm blue. Remember when Deanpaul asked him if he got the pneumonia in the hospital and he replied, with a twinkle in his eye, 'No, I got it in the lungs'? I'll never forget how tickled he was. I think of that and the blues turn into a smile.

I wish that we had met sooner; that we could have been friends. It was not to be but the brief time we had together touched me deeply and I will always think of him as my friend. He may be gone from this earth but he will remain in my heart forever.

Pete Younghusband
Palmdale, Ca, USA

Heather and family unlike most people of I never spoke to Eric through post or any other means, and now he has gone from us it is my one true regret. I have read all of the tributes written by those who knew him as a friend personaly or just from posts here at Kickas. He seems to be the type of person we all aspire to be, or would like to be. You have said your goodbyes to Eric and I have never met him, yet through all of the writings here I really feel as if I have lost a friend.

My good wishes go to you and your families.

Paul Simpson

Heather and Family I am sorry to say that I did not have the opportunity to meet Eric, but wish I had. It was pretty easy to tell from his posts and by the way others spoke of him that he was a trully caring person that always felt there was someone else worse off then himself. The pain that he endured by himself and shared with you Heather must have been very strong and he was fortunate to have met someone like you to help him through his roughest days. I can only hope that he is in a far better place and free from pain.

Dan Howe

Dedicated to the family of Eric Pomo:

Senses of Eternity

When no hands can offer healing,
When no words can settle fear,
The salt upon the lips revealing,
Eyes that blindly look through tears,
And roses smell of Winter near.


Let your soul be touched by kindness.
Listen with your heart, only.
Taste the lingering of a first kiss.
Smell the sweetest memory.
Then your eyes will start to see
The nature of eternity.

John Miller

Quite frankly this is a difficult post to write. I did not know Eric, and yet I feel very compelled to write. I am so very sorry for your loss, I do not know what to say. Please accept this simple statement as my condolences. You are in my thoughts.


Hi Heather-
I too only knew Eric from his posts in the old forum. Before there were pictures added I could only imagine what people looked like...I always pictured Eric as having a little of the devilish gleam in his eye, and an impish grin, as his posts always seemed to be funny even when he was in obvious pain. Then I saw an attached picture if I remember correctly, where Eric seemed to be propped up, maybe you were behind him, and he did indeed look stiff. But his eyes seemed to be saying, "lean closer and I'll tell you this joke I just heard". He obviously touched many people here with his positive attitude, and I was very saddened to learn of his passing. But his spirit is free now, and he is a part of the history of this site- his words are saved to help and inspire others, including those who think they are suffering alone and have yet to discover KickAS.



Dear Heather,

I never knew Eric personally or through posts here. It's not easy for me to find the words to say, but I wanted you to know that losing Eric has affected me even being so far away, please know how sorry I am for your loss that I care and am thinking of you.

Take care
Jackie Sheridan
Herford, Germany

Hi Heather,

About a week before Eric passed away, As I was driving home from work. I was comming up on the Lindon exit on the freeway, the thought went threw my mind that I should get off, and go see how Eric is doing. I dismissed the thought thinking that Eric might be sleeping, and you wouldn't want me stopping in unanounced. I will always regret not following that prompting, and seeing Eric one more time before he passed away. Eric was a great example to all of us. He had all that AS could throw at him, and he kept kicking it. He had a good attitude, and knew what was most important in life. He put other people in front of himself. He had alot to complain about, but I never heard him complain. He could no longer do alot of the things he could do in the past, but he took pleasure in the things he could do, and made the most out of it. As I continue along lifes path, I will always remember the example that Eric set for us. I may have to fight AS until I die, but I am not going to give in. Thanks Eric, and thanks Heather for sharing him with us.

Steve Orchard