I was wondering if anybody has had any luck in cooking with raw turmeric or using in smoothies / salads in relieving their Joint pain. I actually don't mind the taste , but it does make your teeth yellow smile I'm using the Raw root, not the dried pods assuming the fresher the better.

I'm currently doing well with the Paleo AIP diet and have healed most of my back pain but still suffer from foot pain , swelling ( heel spurs) and Plantar fasciitis. I have heard that in order to absorb Turmeric you need black pepper which is off my food list.

I'm skeptical of supplements which range in prices, and dosages.

Any help or encouragement is greatly appreciated.
Long time AS Patient
Currently my back is pretty good
Sleeping well
have foot swelling and plantar factitious
Diet: Paleo AIP and NSD
Decaf coffee (one a day)
On Celebrix