>> I started adding in some dairy, then eggs, and then sugar (in moderation)

Watch the dairy. Especially if it is milk mixed with sugar.. I find strange reactions to dairy can creep up. such as eye pain (uveitis/iritis), foot pain, hand pain etc. Not necessarily AS per se but related.

Yoghurt, sour cream or any cultured milk is of course the safest. I can safely mix yoghurt with honey (monosaccharide is safer for me, quicker digestion).

Too much chocolate and bladder issues can arise (sugar?).
Going a bit off topic ... Recently found eating *large* amounts of leafy greens alleviates this bladder issue, eg: baby spinach leaves. So good to be rid of this problem, and have a nice natural solution. I suggest a no starch Caesar salad if anyone else has this.
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"Some men, in truth, live that they may eat, as the irrational creatures, 'whose life is their belly, and nothing else.' But the Instructor enjoins us to eat that we may live." -- Clement of Alexandria (about 200 AD)