Hello friends,
This is Cristina in California. I haven’t popped in here in several years! I see so many names of friends I know, love and miss!
I first started on Brian’s site which evolved into this wonderful place about 25 years ago. I desperately needed this place for a long time and it was a lifesaver! I got remarried almost 13 years ago and was blessed with two young stepdaughters. My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 6 months after we were married. So, life has been busy! My stepdaughters are both grown up now. My husband and I have both been trying to manage our diseases together. Life is good. Except for Covid, of course. My son just had it and I’ve lost 3 dear friends to it. But we have managed to avoid it.
I just wanted to come in and say “hello!” I hope the newer people are enjoying the place and are getting lots of good info.
I love and miss you, my dear friends! How are YOU doing?
Cristina_in_CA ♥️