Well it’s been a while since I have been here super busy in my line of work with unrest no one willing to get along plus the good old covid thrown in to round things out.
I hope everyone is ok and making their way through the quagmire.
Short note on me and my world I went to a lung specialist the first of November I had started coughing up some blood so it was tests time. Long story short I had two bleeding ulcers in my esophagus. That was good news as I can deal with that. Second part was that when I started nsd, I had a gradual reduction in my asthma symptoms. The main doctor said stop the inhaler it’s doing you more harm than good. I have never felt better with my breathing. Took a long time but I am pretty happy about no more inhaler.
I caught covid Christmas time, got over it clinically. Still don’t have any energy get tired quick. But the kicker of it is I am in a good old full blown flare. Fasting and working on getting it beat back. This is a good one I feel just like I did when I found this place.
Has anyone else flared from covid?
Guess I will quit rambling, oh ya John I will be in Reno in March if you are there I would like to buy you dinner.