Have had AS since 2004 and hla+. Used Enbel for a few years and stopped working an rhuemy started humira and methotrexate. It has worked well. In late January I had an upper molar removed with bone graft. The Periodontist asked me to stay off of medication two weeks before and after surgery because of immune suppression. The tooth was infected. Within two weeks I developed an excruictating sinus infection. Periodontist said I needed to see an ENT. I was already established with one but could not get an appointment for two months. I think part of this was because of staffing problems. There is only one ENT office in our area. I was still having severe sinus infection pain, the bone graft was removed. Went to ER twice because the pain was so severe. They gave me a ct scan which showed all sinuses full. Sent me home with Norco. After three weeks of hell got in touch with my regular dentist he referred me to a maxiofacill oral surgeon. I got in the next morning. My left sinus was worse on the side my tooth was pulled. The OS put me under and cleaned out the sinus on the one side.... immediate relief. But, advised I needed to see ENT asap that this should help until I could get an appt. I still was unable to get an ENT appointment. Within a few days the severe pain returns and OS puts a drain into the sinus. In the meantime he calls my ENT dr
And lets him know how urgent my case is. This is when the quarantine started. My ENT dr was out for two weeks because of high risk for covid19. In the next two months my OS packed my sinus with gauze every few days. This kept the pain at bay. I finally got an appointment with ENT on April 14. The doctors wanted me off of humira and methotrexate because felt the healing process was hindered by the immune suppressant drugs. ENT said this required surgery, but all outpatient centers were closed because of virus. This was considered an elective surgery. The ENT office has their own outpatient surgery center and should be able to have it done within the month after it reopens. He wanted my OS to keep a drain in until my surgery. The surgery has yet to be scheduled. I am praying it will happen soon. I have taken a series of twelve antibiotics, right now taking levaquin. My problem now is my AS has flared up after almost four months of not taking. Shoulder,back,hand joint pain and severe fatigue. With my upcoming surgery, I am afraid to start humira for fear my sinus surgery will not heal. I started the no starch diet two days ago. I thought sunflower seeds were on the diet, not realizing they are not, I ate some yesterday. Anyone have any suggestions of what I could do.