I've been in a terrible flare since November ( I took a fall down a flight of stairs in September), I waited it out, to no avail doing all the things I usually do (NS, fasting, bone broth, et el) my pain level was from 5-10+ ( my normal now was 0-1 and had been for 10+ years since I found out about No Starch) I made an appointment with my rheumatologist fearing it was time for biologics. That appointment was canceled a couple times and finally I saw him at the end of March. Blood work came back "normal" whatever that means.

I was discussing it with my husband how frustrated I was with this pain that seemed to have no rhyme or reason to it. My husband, said..you know it seems since you’ve been taking multiple supplements since September/October and this flare started in November, consider removing all your supplements and see what happens. I had already recently added Turmeric per my rheumy to see if it might help(but I stopped that as well ) I stopped on 3/28 or 3/29, with the week my pain was back at a low 0-2, I had an MRI on my shoulder Thursday with contrast and a small inject of steroids. To see if I tore my rotator cuff, apparently it's cyst on the bone.

My pain has been mostly 0 with a stiffness after sitting ( at my desk or long car ride into the city) but not hunched over in pain like I’ve been in the past 5 months. Still stiff when I wake up but minimal pain (0-1) and once I do my pilates it's better.

Yesterday, I decided to test all my supplements for starch.. the melatonin caplet and ingredients , magnesium tablet exterior, and the turmeric caplet and ingredients..all tested positive with iodine ( I haven’t tested these until now, usually I always do..but thought they were safe..now I know to test each new bottle) Back when I first learned about No Starch I tested everything for starch, I thought I had it down, apparently that is not the case. As an aside, my upper abdomen area isn't as bloated either.

So, you may ask why I’m telling you this..because I wanted you to know and thought it might be helpful and interesting and if you find yourself in a flare...CHECK EVERYTHING AGAIN LIKE WHEN YOU FIRST STARTED.. blush

10+ year ASkicker...

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