I had a new lipid profile done a week after the first with a different lab. The numbers are down a bit. Total 204, hdl 40, triglycerides 38, ldl-c 156. PCP still wants to start statins.

I have just become a little fascinated with lipidology and found some good information. I am especially impressed with Dr. Peter Attia. Here is a link to his 9 part series, The Straight Dope on Cholesterol:


Week III & IV seem to be the best to read regarding the importance of LDL and LDL-p (particle size). He explains how ldl-p size is much more important than ldl total count. There is a lipid blood test called NMR (shown in week III)that measures ldl size & quantity. The test also provides risk factors including insulin resistance. I suspect that I have large ldl-p size based on my very low trigs. After the health crisis returns back to some normalcy, I will find a lab that can send out for an NMR lipid test.

I think this is relevant to all of us that are on nsd, lsd, lchf, AS and other alternative diets. This NMR lipo profile can give us more information to help assess how our alternative diets are doing.