Thank you. The only meat I have eaten for the last 30 years has been chicken & turkey breast (skinless), and I eat a lot of salmon and tuna. I soak my veggies in extra virgin olive oil. Maybe you are right about the eggs? I eat a lot of eggs, but I only have 1 egg yolk a day and the rest is egg whites only. Breakfast is usually 1 egg, 3 egg whites, scrambled in with a whole avocado. I used to only eat the whites, but the yolk is so rich in vitamins.

I read on docsopinion: "... the large and fluffy type of LDL may be protective....... the higher your triglycerides, the greater the number of small LDL particles. Conversely, the lower your triglycerides, the higher the number of large, fluffy LDL particles."

I am wondering, since my triglycerides are low, do I have a high number of the large fluffy ldl? What does it mean "may be protective"? Is this another positive affect of the diet, or just wishful thinking? This is why I am trying to get a ldl-p test to answer part of my inquiry.