I have been on a LSD AS diet for many years. I also take Omega 3 fish oil supplements and eat lots of anti inflammatory foods and stay away from known inflammatory foods. I don't drink or smoke. I had a Lipid Panel blood test the other day that indicates high total cholesterol and high dLDL. I was surprised by the unexpected results considering my healthy lifestyle.

These are my numbers: Total 240(high), Triglycerides 81(normal), HDL 40(normal), dLDl 184(high), vLDL 16(low), Risk Factor 6.0(high).

I am curious if others on AS diets have had their cholesterol levels checked, and what are your results? I am also baffled because vLDL and triglycerides are low, so why is the dLDL so high. Is this common in our diets? I asked about getting an ldl-p test, but doctor does not think it is relevant. "Your Atypical" is a phrase I hear all the time from my doctors, so is this just another anomaly?

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