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I'm very sorry Your wife is going through this!

IRITIS, (Acute Anterior Uveitis) must be properly diagnosed by an ophthalmologist using a slit lamp with magnification; an optometrist cannot diagnose this. Iritis can damage the eye and is very dangerous, but in my own experiences, PHOTOPHOBIA and PAIN (hot ice pick through the eye!) are associated with iritis. Eyes are bloodshot, but this can be "pink eye" or conjunctivitis, and other things like episcleritis can cause the bloodshot look. Please check out my "Important AS Resources" link as part of my signature.

I am of the opinion that she has a gastric infection, probably exacerbated by the biologic injection. An infectious disease specialist should be consulted, but basically it would be important to address the potential wasting syndrome right away! I mean this could be as serious as some parasite, so I hope she is treated right away!

It is important to supplement with chelated minerals and specific vitamins including vitD, vitE, Bcomplex, zinc, magnesium, bismuth (Pepto Bismol), and cobalt from vitB12. Chances are these alone will cause the reflex vomiting and for this I recommend trying Manuka honey and then some Swedish Bitters or myrrh. Start slow with low doses and work up to greater amounts. Ginger tea for hydration and digestive stimulation and soothing, also sage tea can be useful.

Eating non-starchy foods including tofu, meats, olives and take EVOliveOil by the teaspoonful at least 10X daily, cooked soft foods for now: Wilted lettuce, thoroughly cooked cucumbers, vegetable juice. Avoid obvious starches--bread, cakes, pasta, potatoes. Some fruits including dried might be taken like raisins, peaches, canned pears, grapefruit, etc. Not too much sugar (beyond the Manuka) because it will feed the bacteria if that's what is causing the bad reaction.

I have used most of the above for a similar situation (I might have had the start of a C. diff overgrowth), but I included colloidal silver, oregano oil, garlic, caprylic acid (coconut oil), and had certain antibiotics I used intermittently.

Another possibility is biliary obstruction or improper delivery of bile to the tract/duodenum. The timing of the vomiting incidents, and the character of the foods (fatty, starchy, dense, hard, soft, etc) can help determine the cause, to some extent.

The thing is: EXPERIMENT and take notes of Your observations for the physician(s) who can help with a real diagnosis and treatment plan.

I hope that she gets the relief she needs--and SOON!

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