Hi All,

New poster posting on behalf of my wife (mid 40s, UK).

My wife was diagnosed three years ago. She is now on her third biologic (Secukinumab) having tried Benapali (18 months success but started to fail and cause sickness ) and Imraldi (again sickness).

She started Secukinumab in October just gone. Every calendar day this year she has been projectile vomiting- usually three to four times per day but often, like yesterday nine times. The rheumatologist and biologic team insist it is not Secukinumab causing this so told her to see her GP and demand she take a fresh look at what could be causing it. The GP ran a urine test and a blood test but nothing more. The GP insists that it is the injections and is basically refusing to do any more.

My concern is that my wife is rapidly losing weight (now 38kg - was 41.5 kg three weeks ago). She sees the rheumy at the end of this month again but I have told my wife not to take another injection.

Has anyone else had episodes of contant sickness whilst on biologics? My wife gets no warning about it - she will be stood talking to me then casually go to the toilet to be sick. Its always after food or drink and is never sick during the night or early morning - its always after eating.

Reading up on projectile vomiting it seems that its the bodies way of getting rid of toxins and Anti-TNF is pretty toxic - but surely the rheumatologist would agree,no?

To top this year off so far, my wife had a bloodshot eye and terrible pain last week. I rang the GP who insisted that I take her to an optician . The optician diagnosed Iritis and panicked - he rang the hospital and got my wife an immediate appointment and told her to drive straight there.

My wife was seen by a young Dr who insisted that the optician was wrong and sent her home. We were glad in a way that it wasnt Iritis.

Symptoms continued to get worse so I made my wife go back yesterday and she was immediately diagnosed with Uveitis and given steroids etc to take.

Is it possible the optician was wrong or is it more likely the Dr last week was? My concern is that the uveitis has caused sight damage due to the long delay in getting steroids.

The poor optician said that it was imperative my wife get steroids immediately and it ends up taking five days!!