Hi AS kickers,

I have had AS and UC for 15 years, though mostly asymptomatic. This last year my symptom has been a weird brain fog, a mental fatigue that comes and goes most days. I am ok when I wake up in the morning but often within a few hours I start to feel groggy and have trouble keeping up with social situations and following what people are saying, and often can't think of what to do say myself. With enough coffee I can still do written work, I can do physical exercise, but I just lack the alertness for in-person meetings and conversation.

Last time I checked my blood work, my inflammation markers like ESR, CRP, etc. were pretty low. I don't have much pain or stiffness, but this brain fog seems to improve, to some extent, if I use my NSAID celebrex, so it seems nevertheless like it is related to inflammation.

Anyone experience something like this before? Most accounts of brain fog I have read from other people coincidence with high levels of inflammation and pain, not as the only symptom. As a result, my rheum considers me to be in remission and has no idea about the mental fatigue.

On the Facebook AS group, most suggest taking vitamin and herbal cocktails (curcumin, B12, etc.) but so far haven't had much success with those.

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