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MOBIC is an NSAID and cannot slow progression (it is not a DMARD) and can in fact increase symptoms and damage, long-term. If You haven't used it yet, I hope You will never require any of these drugs! Dr. Mercola suggests taking borage seed oil and we need quite a dosage: 6g or so to avoid the morning stiffness, and please take the EVOliveOil by teaspoonful 10X or more daily especially before each meal.

Good for You trying diet; The NSD and Diet Forum here is an excellent resource.

- Is anyone else in a position like mine where the practitioner is reluctant to diagnose until ALL AS symptoms are present? For example, I don't have eye issues currently but I'm now experiencing bilateral SI pain (and associated glute and hip flexor issues because of limping, always worse in bed and in the morning), pain and tightness along my right ribs such that deep breathing is hard, and a variety of other preexisting conditions in alignment with a diagnosis of autoimmune disease. Not to mention the HLA-B27 gene.

Do You think that permanent skeletal damage is a reasonable price to pay for a diagnosis? This is benign neglect where doctors wait-and-see what nature does to us to do their work for them! Ask any AS - "specialist" "How can I PREVENT damage, especially the characteristic SIJ fusion?" They usually do not have an answer, but MAYBE biologic drugs will slow down the process so that, instead of fusion in 8 years, it will happen in 16 years!

Carol Sinclair NEVER had fusion in 8, 16, 40 and more years because she had to fix her IBS related to "pre-AS" first; we should each be so lucky! Please check out the San Antonio notes in the AS and RA Papers section, I think; Item number (5). Good start for NSD is her "The IBS Low-Starch Diet."

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Professor Ebringer: On Diet and AS;

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