Hi! I'm new here and just getting familiar with the site. I'm so grateful to have found a resource that helps me explain my condition to friends and family as well as find ongoing support. I won't go into my whole background here, but based on the progression of my symptoms, precursors, and my HLA-B27 gene, I'm now comfortable saying that I am fighting AS, though I don't yet have a rheumatologist's 100% diagnosis (my appt is still 2 weeks away). I am on day 8 of the AIP diet, and then plan to follow a low starch/paleo approach.

My questions are this:
- Has anyone found success reducing starch content in root vegetables by pre-soaking before roasting? What about sprouting nuts? I'm already grain-free but really looking forward to reintroducing a wide variety of nuts.
- Should I go on medication (Mobic) to slow progression of joint damage or will this further damage my gut microbiome?
- Is anyone else in a position like mine where the practitioner is reluctant to diagnose until ALL AS symptoms are present? For example, I don't have eye issues currently but I'm now experiencing bilateral SI pain (and associated glute and hip flexor issues because of limping, always worse in bed and in the morning), pain and tightness along my right ribs such that deep breathing is hard, and a variety of other preexisting conditions in alignment with a diagnosis of autoimmune disease. Not to mention the HLA-B27 gene.

I'm sure I'll have more questions; thanks for reading and being part of this really reassuring resource!

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