I feel for you. You are sounding overwhelmed...by your diagnosis and sudden change in diet. In one way you are lucky...you have a diagnosis. Most people suffer for years before they know their diagnosis. Things will improve...focus on living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and healing your gut.
Here are my best tips for you:
Have you read this website...Living Well with Ankolysing Spondylitis? It makes for good reading...positive, uplifting, helpful.
For pain relief, I avoid NSAIDS because they contribute to leaky gut. Instead I take PEA, a fatty acid that is depleted by chronic pain. It needs to be replenished. Google it...Palmitoylethanolamide...100% natural. Very effective. I've been taking 400mg x3 per day...for 4 months now...recently I've noticed a sudden massive drop in pain. I'm virtually pain-free now.
To heal your gut, try bone broth/collagen/gelatin before meals, gut healing powder before meals, zinc belps seal tight junctions in gut.
If you go to Helpful Tips page on this website, read my post about Stewed Apples for Gut Healing. Recipe is included in one of tbe links.
Don't be afraid of ketosis...it is just a different way for your body to fuel itself. Eat lots and lots of healthy fats...olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, salmon, sardines, mackerel, bone broth.
Make your own fermented foods, like sauerkraut - cabbage and salt only. Store bought sauerkraut usually has additives. Will take time to make but much healthier.
Agreed...Family can be a help and hindrance at times. I have limited time for myself too in which to rest, exercise and research. I alternate - exercise one day (vary it to keep it fun), research the next. If you need extra support, never be afraid to ask your spouse, friends to help with chores. Be specific about what will help you best. This may free up some time to research your condition.
I hope you feel more hopeful now.
Things will improve.
Take care, Bunyip.
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