I don’t know if it would help but I’ve had a flare after stopping prednisone and my neck was terrible but once I got my migraine Botox shots my neck was fine. I hadn’t noticed before but when I get migraine Botox they tap a bunch of nerves in my neck and shoulders and this shuts down the arthritis pain too.

To get ok fir Botox you need to have a certain number of migraines a month (it used to be over 14 or something like that but I think they lowered it) and have tried and failed on three different kinds of classes of medication. There is a prescription card and so if you think it might be a candidate I have to be honest with you it is night and day. I’ve always had migraines since I was a little girl and was diagnosed ages ago but then I can see a lot of the drugs associated with RA trigger headaches so it doesn’t seem like a hard thing to qualify for if your insurance will take care of it. Sulfasalazine always caused an uptick for my migraines but with the Botox I really don’t feel much. Also, the Botox has one of those copay assist cards. Guess it’s been helping me for years, I just never connected the dots on the occasional increase in pain being from the shot wearing off. Anyway, with the shot my range of motion is tons better because my nerves don’t feel it, I’m not reckless or anything because my head knows I can still hurt myself but still, it might help you.

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