Hi Tim,

Same as I told John...I am so sorry I did not reply sooner. Like I mentioned, I just thought nobody had replied at all to my OP and was shocked to discover that in fact, I had 2 replies. I’m just glad that I decided to pop in tonight to see what’s going on which led me right back here!

He was very careful driver and in all his years of driving was never responsible for an accident.

Ya same here. I don’t even have so much as a parking ticket!
I just know there has to be many other drivers out there like your father and me who have no blemishes on our driving record and who are good, safe and conscientious drivers but just happen to have some issues with the range of motion of our necks.
The main reason I posted this here was I wanted to see if this was actually a common concern for people like us and if so, how it’s dealt with. Just by looking at this thread, even with the thread title and on an AS website, it’s blatantly obvious that this really isn’t a common concern with AS kickers.

Was in one accident that he was stopped at red light and someone hit him from behind.

Ohhhh, now that’s something that has always been in the back of my mind and kind of terrifies me. There’s no protecting yourself from that type of accident! It’s not your fault; you really can’t prevent it even if you see it just about to happen; and it’s gonna hurt!!!
I really hope your Dad was ok afterwards. That type of accident almost always causes whiplash and whiplash is something all us AS kickers MUST avoid at all costs.

Thanks again, Tim. I’ll update this thread as things play out. Cheers,