Hello, pat5star!

I have struggled with this point for many years now. I'm usually driving with my wife and/or friend who both know to be backseat drivers always. To see full view, I have to twist my whole body, which is time consuming and uncomfortable, but I do it when I need to.

I mean, well, You especially can imagine going into traffic on faith that they got things right! Some odd angles require just this, so it is rather daunting.

About 3-4 months yearly, we live in Philippines, where I would not drive if I were "normal!" They ignore lanes there and traffic flows by what I call "swarm insinuation," where by chance one vehicle begins an opening in traffic and a swarm follows opportunistically.

Rest of the time, however, it is something I have considered--that is to just stop driving. I recently used Uber instead of renting a car and found it was a pretty great experience so I might begin using this kind of service. Almost got a new car with surround cameras and this in future might be a solution--and when Tesla and these companies get self-driving vehicles that are less risky, I'm going this route! (pun)

But the terrible thing I agree is that a physician took the time to torpedo Your driving privilege! Is there are way this can be contested? Perhaps go to all Your doctors with a statement that You NEED to continue driving and show Your proficiency. Find someone who gave driving tests at the DMV and in an unofficial capacity have them rate You and sign off as an expert witness! I don't know whether this would work, but it might be worth a try.

Best thing I did preparing for this was to teach my wife to drive--and we are still married! Seriously she nearly gave up even after I bought a car for her with automatic! NOW we have one vehicle that is really too big for either of us--it is a behemoth but she wanted to be comfortable on long trips.

I hope You find a way out of Your situation! There were a few years I drove without a licence--between trips abroad. Won't bore You with the long version of story of one kind officer who stopped me and said he had "real criminals" to fight and made me promise to get current!


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