Today I got the results back from a second LRA test that I purchased to test another 100 items. To my surprise they retested about 150 of the same items in my first test and the results surprise me. My first test was done on May 11th the second test was done on July 16th so there was a two month period of me elliminating the 14 reactive items from the first test.

Latest test showed I was highly reactive to:
Milk, Raw (Cow)

Moderately reactive to:
Cheese/Milk (Goat)
Gum, Acacia

Here is what is strange though. Cashew, Blueberry, Carrot, Cola, Dill, and Papaya where tested in the first test and did not react. Apple, Basil, Cranberry, Currant, Apricot, Lima Bean, and Honey where testing in both tests, but only reacted in the first test. Lobster was the only item that was consistent on both reports.

I think this shows that the LRA is a moving target. Just because your immune system reacts to one food doesn't mean that after changing your diet it won't start reacting to different foods as you body adapts.

I still haven't had any flareups after my first diet adjustments. I believe most people who use this test to aid in controlling autoimmune disease have it run on a regular basis. At this time I am considering having the comprehensive test run every 6 months so I can re-tune my diet.

It is looking like meat is the safest food group for me with only lobster reacting and almost all the other items originating from plant or dairy sources.

So take this information for what it is worth. I'm still in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of using the LRA as a disease management aid and so far my results seem to be positive even though this latest test surprises me.