I had heard about bone broth before alright, so i have been taking it in soups during the winter.

I take sulfasalazine as an antibacterial medication to help fix my bleeding gut and AS.
But I find that when I increase my fibre and water intake my AS improved dramatically.
At first my digestion goes a bit haywire from the fibre but any bleeding stops shortly after.
Then after a 2-3 weeks of high fibre water etc, my pain goes down.
I still eat about 1-2 medium sized potatoes a day though since I was losing weight.

I dont eat much processed food though anymore. If I do, I try to take a lot of omega 3 oil to cancel out any omega 6 in the processed meat etc.

It seems that your body can handle some starches if you heal the gut enough and have enough water & fibre to feed your good bacteria.

Has anyone here ever tried getting stool samples analysed while trying different diets?
It would be interesting to see what bacteria are found when we are in remission.
Back on Salazopyrin after taking a break for 2 years. Might try going dairy free. Sugar & bread are the main killers for me!