Hi Guys

I finally found a solution to my AS. I did it by doing an Elimination Diet and keeping a diary of the foods I eat. I found I cannot eat potatoes (bleeding in toilet), white flour/ breads and products, All processed foods and meats since they contain white flour as filler, white and brown rice.

The only starch I am ok with is brown flour and brown bread (strangely - thank goodness)...

I am on the road to recovery and now started Gyming after 5 years of hell( I have had AS since I was 13 but it only got aggressive the past 5 years)....I could hardly walk to the toilet 2 years ago with a walking stick and now I hardly take pain killers only If I eat something bad the next day I will wake up with pain....I usually know what caused it....

Don't be foolish like me and give up for 5 years and do nothing while your back starts fusing and causes kyphosis where you can hardly walk.....Do Elimination diet and Find what you CAN and Cannot eat... If I eat potatoes I will die the next day with pain! Plus I will have bloody stools....( I thought that was normal for me)

I was aiming to kill this disease and find a cure was my goal from an Engineering perspective as I am an Engineer...but AS is really Evil and in my 5 years of searching this is what I found.

It seems AS and IBS is tired together since everytime I eat the wrong food I have trouble going to the toilet the next day.

I used this a a guide to what I should not eat....

I also take Gelatin 4 x tea spoons daily at night to heal the GUT and to heal the joints

I also take tumeric for pain 1/4 tea spoon ( Tumeric is a good anti microbial too)

Don't give up there is a way out.... And remember strengthening your muscles to support your spine is something you CAN change.

So Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

All the best


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HLA B27+
Have AS since the age of 13.
Diagnosed in 2005 at the age of 22